7 pin ‘N’ type trailer plug wiring diagram

The 7 pin N type plug and socket is still the most common connector for towing. This supplies power to the road lighting of your trailer or caravan. This has now been replaced by 13 pin Euro plugs on all new caravans.

Below is a diagram for the original plug and socket showing the functions of each pin.

7 pn trailer wiring

Pin No. Colour Function
1 Yellow Left Indicator
2 Blue Fog Light
3 White Earth
4 Green Right Indicator
5 Brown Right tail / Side light
6 Red Brake / Stop lights
7 Black Left tail / Side light

Here are two wiring diagrams for the 7 pin ‘N’ type trailer electrical plug.

The first diagram is a simple set up of two brake lights, two indicators and two side lights. Click on the image below to enlarge it.

7 pin n type wiring diagram

The second diagram shows two brake lights, two indicators, two side lights and a fog light. Click on the image below to enlarge it.

7 pin n type wiring diagram with fog

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