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Wiring a 13 pin Euro plug

The 13 pin Euro type plug and socket is now fitted on most caravans to supply power to all the road lights and ancillary power systems such as fridges and charging systems. All of this in one plug, with a secure twist lock. In 2008 this replaced the N type road lighting plug and the S type Ancillary plug on all new caravans. Converters are available to convert either 13pin to 7 pin or 7 pin to 13 pin.

In order for this plug to work effectively we recommend using a vehicle specific wiring loom, or at the very least a 7 way universal bypass relay and a split-charge relay.

Below is the wiring diagram for this plug and socket.

Wiring for 13 pin Euro caravan and trailer electrics

Pin No. Colour Function Cable dia
1 Yellow Left Indicator 1.5
2 Blue Fog Light 1.5
3 White Earth 2.5
4 Green Right Indicator 1.5
5 Brown Right tail / Side light 1.5
6 Red Brake / Stop lights 1.5
7 Black Left tail / Side light 1.5
8 Pink Reversing Light 1.5
9 Orange 12v Permanent power from battery 2.5
10 Grey 12v Ignition on (battery charging or Fridge) 2.5
11 White/Black Earth for Terminal 10 2.5
12 White/Blue NOT usually used 1.5
13 White/Red Earth for Terminal 9 2.5

Because pin 12 is not usually used, 12 core cable can still be used to wire this 13 pin plug.

Other wiring Diagrams on this site are listed below:

7 Pin ‘N’ Type trailer plug wiring diagram.
7 pin ‘S’ Type trailer plug wiring diagram.
7 way universal bypass relay wiring diagram.
Split charge relay wiring diagram.

To purchase components for trailer wiring please visit – www.towingandtrailers.co.uk

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There are 12 Comments to "Wiring a 13 pin Euro plug"

  • Jim Jackson says:

    I have some different coloured wires to those above ie, green/white ,blue/brown ,red/black . Which pins are thes connected to .

  • Sam says:

    You say pin 12 is not used, is it a constant live or is it something else? Would appreciate a reply.

  • john richardson says:

    my towing vehicle is wired with the 7 pin “S” type auxhillary plug,of which terminal 2 & 6 have relays which send power to the caravan battery charger and fridge.
    However my caravan has the13 pin socket of which I connect to my vehicle with an adapter lead,but it seems to be that the power is only going to the battery charger in the caravan,as if you read the wiring for the 13 pin socket it states that terminal 10 is for battery charging OR fridge.
    Is there a way for power to both,or only one.
    If only one can I rewire the caravan to work the fridge rather than the battery charger,as that is my preference.
    Regards John Richardson

  • Kris says:

    Hello john, yes you can wire both from pin 10. However, this may may overload wiring on some cars. Please check a fuse is fitted before you try this. Thanks.

  • Kris says:

    Pin 12 was originally set as a coding pin, but this has not been adopted by many manufacturers. Thanks.

  • David says:

    Hi just bought a rice hunter horse box but have a problem with the lighting board.
    When I brake the off side light goes out and near side brightens and when I put on the off side indicator, the off side brake light goes out & nearside brake light flashes.

    Many thanks

  • Kris says:

    Hello, this sounds like a problem with your wiring rather than the lighting board. How you fix it depends on how confident you are at vehicle wiring. If you can get someone to operate lights while you use a multi-meter to check the wires leading to the light board, you may be able to identify the faulty wires and trace them back to the problem. If you’re not too good with wiring I would suggest taking it to a professional.

    When buying a trailer that has been used off road or around a farm it is usually a safe bet that the wiring is a mess. This is because all of the water and mud that covers the underside of the trailer on a daily basis will eventually corrode wires and connections. Worst case is that you will have to re-wire your horse box. This is a pain, but at least you would know it was right.


  • FIlip says:

    Hello, would anyone had an advice how to rewire the Euro socket, namely how to open it?

  • Kris says:


    To open the Euro socket you simply open the flap and push the connecters inside until they drop out of the back of the socket. To open the plug you have to turn the inside part (where the pins are) a quarter turn counter-clockwise and then pull it out. The cap that usually comes with the plug makes an excellent tool for this.


  • Colin says:

    I have a 2007 Audi A6 All Road with factory fitted Euro 13pin. Positions 9,10,11 have no metal connectors. I’m told Volkswagen- Audi didn’t fit them at that time, so I guess the relays/control ‘kit’ for caravan fridge and permanent electrics is not fitted either.

    Can the 13 pin socket be replaced (or missing female pins inserted in current socket) and suitable controls/relays and cables be retro fitted so I can hook up to caravan ?

    This must be a problem which a lot of Audi – Volkswagen must have – yes?
    Thanks very much, Colin

  • Kris says:

    Hello Colin,

    You should be able to rewire your electrical socket providing that the wires that connect to pins 9,10 and 11 can be found on your wiring loom. If your cars manufacturer fitted the plug and left those pins empty it makes me think that those wires may not be present. If this is the case I would look into a new vehicle specific, dedicated wiring loom. We can supply this, but it will cost in the region of £200 and will need recoding by an Audi dealer.

    Thanks, Kris.

  • Sam Point says:

    I have a MY2011 Skoda Octavia Scout fitted with a factory harness. On most recent European cars (Well VW, Skoda, Audi and Seat.) Pin 12 on the trailer or caravan unit being towed must be linked to Pin 3 (Earth return pins 1-8.) in the plug as it is used as a plug coupling indicator to tell the car it has a trailer connected when plugged into the 13 pin vehicle socket, this will disable the reversing sensors, disable the vehicle rear fog lights in preference to the trailer / van fitted ones and will also sound the vehicle alarm if the trailer connector is unplugged from the vehicle when the vehicle is locked. Some also disable the vehicle reversing lights as well. The onboard vehicle CAN ECU must be told that a towbar is fitted and must be coded correctly. :-)
    The reason I know this is my system was dealer fitted last week when I took delivery of the new car and they didn’t set it up properly and I now have to tell them that they need to follow the correct procedures when installing. :-(

    Forgot to mention that the Pin12-3 link also tells the vehicle to activate its Trailer Stability Program and Adaptive Cruise Control as well.
    Cheers again.

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